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High Speed Internet Access

DirecPC is a hardware/software solution from Hughes Network Systems that delivers Internet content to your PC at speeds up to 400 kbps!

DirecPC is the fastest way onto the internet. This Satellite-based service offers access up to 400 kbps, more than three times faster than ISDN to enable you to take full advantage of all the Internet has to offer right from your PC.

Here’s an example of how DirecPC Turbo Internet compares to 128K ISDN and a 28.8 modem connection:

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How Does it work?

The speed of DirecPC is the result of using advanced satellite technology, rather than crowded telephone networks that are constantly flooded or clogged. DirecPC downloads content from the Internet directly from the server to our satellite network and straight into the back of your PC.

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Now you can deliver High Speed
Internet Access at 400kbps to your entire LAN

SatServ ™ is a complete and affordable Internet software suite for your LAN. It harnesses the Turbo Internet power of DirecPC and delivers speeds up to 400 Kbps to every user on your LAN at the same time!

All the essential components needed are included:
Satellite IP Software Router
POP3/SMTP E-Mail Servers
NAT Services (if needed)
Internet Firewall
The SatServ software router was designed specifically to work with DirecPC ™ hardware and has been optimized for satellite data transmission. It is native TCP/IP over Ethernet - fast and easy - just like a hardware router.
This is not a proxy…This is a Full Power Satellite Internet Router
Cost Analysis
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