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Frequently Asked Questions

    1:    Can I just pay by cash or check by mail or in person?

    Not at this time. Obviously the most efficient way to handle this is with a credit card.

    2:    Can I pay for a year at a time and is there a discount?

    Because we only charge you for the months used and you can cancel at any time it is safer for you to allow us to charge you monthly for the access needed. We offer a flat rate for all subscribers.

    3:    Can I get filtered access? Surfing that is safe for children access.

    Yes, It costs an additional $2.95 per month

    4:    I need additional E-Mail Accounts. How can I get them?

    Call us and request additional e-mail accounts for $1.00 per month.

    5:    My Company needs a website or a shopping cart website. Can you do this?

    Yes through our hosting company

    6:    How do I find out if you have a local number for me?

    Visit our poplist page at